​     Imagine you are Lisa. Lisa has been married for 20+ years to her husband Dave. Dave wakes up one morning and decides to tell you that he no longer is in love with you and would like a divorce. Lisa and Dave have been having marital problems but nothing to the extent that would warrant a divorce. Dave files for divorce.  The divorce proceedings were horrible as Dave did not make things easy for Lisa. At the end, all Lisa said she wanted was the house and custody of the kids. The judge awarded her the house and custody of the kids with Dave getting visitation rights. Fast forward 6 months later. Lisa is now 45 and has been adjusting to her new life and the road has been hard.  She is stuck with all the bills, has gained 40 pounds, feels depressed most days out of the week, and does not feel like her old self anymore. Close friends and family members are worried about her and her kids are getting concerned as well.  Lisa has been losing faith, questioning her self-worth. Her self-esteem is at an all-time low. She wonders if she can ever find someone to trust and love again, wonders if the kids still love their mother, and wonders if God has forgotten her. She doesn’t know where she went wrong in her marriage and her life. However, after months of lamenting, she starts searching for personal trainers to help her to lose weight and get fit, but she could not find one. While at church, she prayed to God to send her the right personal trainer for her situation because she needed a mind-body overhaul. As she was about to leave church to go home, one of the members started talking to her and the conversation led to Lisa speaking about how she would like to get physically fit.  The member handed her a business card to her personal trainer and left. Lisa met with the trainer and they connected on multiple levels. They started working out together and the trainer was also giving her spiritual counsel whenever she would ask for it, which was often. A year later, Lisa has lost over 50 pounds and physically is in the best physical shape of her life, as well as mentally and spiritually rejuvenated. She now feels like a new person, with her confidence and self- esteem greatly improved.  Friends and family feel more at peace because they are not worrying about her mental health anymore. Lisa has gotten her groove back.  She said, “I now feel whole.” At Risan Fitness we do more than get you physically fit.

-    I named my fitness business Risan Fitness and it is symbolized after the life cycle of a phoenix and the process it goes through to make itself stronger than it was before. I believe that the spirit, mind and body are all intertwined—and when all three facets are exercised fully, it can awaken a person’s true self. I also believe the negativity of your past does not define you, and if you want to change the course of where things are heading in your life, you have the power to make a change.

-    During sessions, I tend to combine multiple elements together during my coaching sessions to get my clients body and mind engaged to what we are doing. Risan Fitness is made up of the combination of fitness, nutrition and spirituality so most often there will be a mind, body and spirit connection during our coaching sessions.