"I have been on this Weightloss journey for the past 4-5 years and all I ended up with was disappointment, frustration and just wanting to give up and throw in the towel. Until I was introduced to Nasir, CEO of Risan Fitness back in December of 2018. 

To be honest, I was very sceptic at first in giving this another try as I have joined gyms before, had 3 personal trainers, hired a nutritionist and nothing seem to be working. I would loose the weight and just put it right back on, while being on a strict diet. 

Then I got introduced to Nasir and he spoke to me and encouraged me not to give up but let's take this journey one step at a time. Now, that was something new I have never heard. I was always told " in 6 months I can get you two to three dress sizes down. 

To cut a long story short I started training with Nasir February 01st 2019, I started at 246lbs. Nasir is the most patient, yet stern, straight forward, don't quit trainer I have ever met. He makes the work out look so easy and simple but yet it is one of the hardest exercise or I should say it's an advance workout for people who are training to do sports on a professional level. 

I love how he always challenges us to go higher or do more even when we feel like we can't push another sec. He is not just a trainer but a good listener and his words of wisdom inspires me to be better for no one  else but ME. Let me also not forget to say I accomplished all this with having so many physical challenges; scoliosis, tennis elbow, knee and ankle joint pain. Because of his expert knowledge and wisdom in the human body I have managed to still function at an expert level (almost like a pro). I did say almost, I didn't get to the level of MAMBA yet. (Nasir knows what I mean)

To kill your curiosity I know you may wondering how much weight did I loose. I have lost 41lbs in 6 months. That's just the beginning to a healthier, more flexible and energetic new ME." - Jann Saltibus

*Diclaimer: The average weight for a person to lose during fitness training is one pound per week.

"My journey with Nasir started 7 months ago. I made a promise to myself on January 1 2019, first I wanted a better  and healthier life.  Started my journey at 244lb Nasir has helped me to loose weight and gained confidence. It hasn't been the easiest journey by far. He helped with maintaining  a structured diet(all green diet) we've cut out all the harmful food growth and replaced with fiber and greens. I haven't had any major injuries but dealt with some shin problem. His knowledge of how the body works has sure helped me with getting my shins and calf stronger which makes some workout much easier (burpees and running). I love that he's very Versatile and super creative with his workout and  you can never predict what we're doing next. 7 months in and I am now weighing 209. Change of diet, Constant fat burning workout and having him to be accountable to has made this journey worth taking. I have no regrets been the best decision I have made and he has surly changed my life. Words cant say thanks." - Joy James


"From the first day of my training session with Nasir, he has transformed my entire thinking and behavior with regards to fitness. Now after 3 months, Nasir continues to demonstrate what a professional he is, with his rigorous, intense and effective workouts. I credit Nasir for not only being a great trainer, but for being motivating factor in my quest to a healthy and fit existence. I, without a doubt recommend Nasir to anyone and everyone who is seeking a path to the betterment of their life, mentally and most importantly, physically. Thank you tremendously Nasir, for the knowledge and tools you have bestowed onto me with every powerful and uplifting training session."   - Maria Diaz


"Hi my name is Keesha, and I've been thin most of my life. However, in 2004 I gained over 50 lbs due to a back injury. Once I was able to exercise, I joined the gym and lost most of the weight. I worked with prior trainer's leaving me with further injury to my back. This experience made me afraid and untrusted in trainer's. All the same, I needed help building and toning my body.

I met Nas who is a phenomenal trainer. I explained my fears, concerns and more importantly my back injury. He was extremely attentive and cautious with the workouts he assigned me. He helped me build muscle, loss weight, increase flexibility, and improve my posture. I no longer suffer with chronic back pain, and I am forever grateful to Risanfitness. I have a trainer for life!"   - Keesha Middleton



"My experience with Risanfitness is life changing. Mr. Francis, work on your weak points in a very unique way like no other. First he's a mentor, than a trainer and he's very passionate about getting you results.  Since I've been working with Mr. Francis I look and feel mentally better."    - Audrey Gordon

"I have been training with Nas in intervals since the summer of 2013. Going into training, I was 5’2, 152 pounds. In the first three weeks we have worked together, I’ve lost a total of 8 lbs. With a focus on cardio and calisthenics workouts, I have noticed a drastic improvement in my body muscle mass as well as flexibility. Nas has taught me that with a great workout plan and complementary eating habits, I can achieve any fitness goal I aim for.

Keep in mind that I was very unfit and unhappy with my body before I met Nas. Nas is not only a great trainer; he is an exemplary fitness professional turned friend. Nas has motivated me to excel in my fitness journey. His passion for the art is compelling as well as his drive to encourage and enhance his clients overall well-being. I would highly recommend Nas for all your fitness needs – as a guide, trainer, motivator, and friend. "  - Kimara Dod


"They sometimes say to keep things short and sweet, well that saying is true. I knew Mr. Francis during my years at college, and all I can say is he lives and breath working out. His workouts are like no other, if you think you are in shape, please think again. I learned one thing, not having enough time is not an excuse for him."   - Matthew Gelbmen 

"Nasir is a great trainer. He meets you where you are and works with you to get you where you need to be. He not only coaches but he is right along side you doing each exercise; being an active supporter. I enjoyed the fact that when the weather was good, we were not always stuck in the gym but occasionally working out in the great outdoors. His style is unique because he cared so much about my progress that he would call, at times texting to cheer me on. Especially, around mealtime when I was tempted to make bad decisions." - Kim A.