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What is Fitness?

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What does fitness mean to you?

Does it mean to be physically fit, so you can be strong and have an aesthetically pleasing body?

Does it mean for you to be emotionally fit, so you can control your emotions and attain a peace of mind?

Does it mean for you to be mentally fit, so you can be prepared to handle whatever life may present in front of you?

Does it mean for you to be financial fit, so you can have better control over your finances?

Does it mean for you to be fit, in your relationships so you can maintain a healthy relationship with people?

Or does it mean for you to be spiritually fit, so you can have a better relationship with the divine?

In society, when you ask most people what is fitness? They often equate fitness with the physical. However, to me fitness is much more than the physical, it encompasses all areas of our lives. Merriam-Webster dictionary define fitness as the quality or state of being fit. I would like to add to that definition and say fitness is the art of exercising and growing something in an area so that it can get to its fittest from.

One area I would say fitness encompasses is the emotional because if someone is emotional unfit, they will not be able to control their emotions in order to accomplish certain things. Being that emotions are biological, when an event causes your emotions to be aroused and you are unable to control them, they will take control of your logic causing you to make decisions purely from emotions instead of logic. Therefore, a person needs to condition or train themselves to better control themselves during pressure situations so that they will use more logic and less emotions to solve certain problems when they arise. Emotional control is not born it is learned and in order to learn something and possible master it, you must repeatedly do it or exercise it until you become fit in that area.

Another area is finance. Unless you are in a financial situation where you never had to worry about money then you have encountered situations in life where you were wondering how you are going to pay for something. Possible, you were in situations where your bills were backed up and were in debt because of maxed out credit cards, loans etc. You probably wondered to yourself how did it get this far? What can I do to get out of this situation? Am I ever going to get out of debt? And if you ever cleared a debt or your debts, that means you took steps to gain better control over your finances. A person who is financially fit has better control over their finances. They think more along the lines of being an investor instead of being a consumer. They are conscious about their spending habits. They plan for their future, especially when it comes to life after retirement. Being financial fit is important, why because money is important in life, unless you can pay your bills or certain expenses with love or hope then you are going to need money to pay them.

I can go on and on but pick any area and fitness will be involved because the more you do some something is the more you become fit in that given area. The more fit you become in that area the more you will gain a level of expertise in it. For example, when I was learning how to drive, 10 – 15 minutes of driving would have me tired. Since I was new to driving and the rules of driving, all the things I would have to be conscious about while I drove would get me tired. Although I though driving was fun at the time, but my mind would not allow my body to exceed a certain amount of time. As time went on and I drove more and more, my attention span for driving increased, 15 minutes became 30, 30 minutes became 1 hour and 1 hour became hours. Now driving to me is like walking down the street, I do not have to think about it, I have developed a skill for it. Adding to my point, fitness cannot just be about the physical because when you do something new it takes time for you build up your fitness levels in it for you to be on par with people who are already fluid in that area you are trying to be good at. So therefore, Fitness would have to be comprised of the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, relationships etc.

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