RIsan's 14-day trial program

This 14-day trial program is for beginners getting back into fitness. You can expect to start building good habits, learn introductory workouts and be provided with a nutrition guide that will help you on your fitness journey. Looking to lose the first pound of many, this introductory program is for you. 



This challenge will ease you into an active lifestyle with basic workouts and staple exercises like squats and planks. It also includes days that are centered around walking and also mindful eating to get you to practice healthy eating habits.


Risan's 6 weeks Intermediate At Home: Body Weight Training Program

This program is designed for individuals who is at an intermediate fitness level who would like to workout in the comfort of their home, small area at the gym, work or the park. It will help clients add strength, build endurance, and improve their cardiovascular fitness with using only their body weight. This program includes exercises like Hand-release burpees, planks, windshield wipers and much more. 


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